If you want to ski with peace of mind on the slopes, alone or with your family, you should consider adding the "Carré Neige" option to your lessons.

  • The insurance is not included in our services.
  • We do not refund courses before your stay in the event of cancellation, nor on site in the event of accident or illness.
  • We offer you the Carré Neige to provide you with all the necessary insurance and assistance guarantees during your stay. 


For €3,30 per day and per person, the Carré Neige insurance provides the following guarantees:

During your stay:

  • In the event of illness or accident while skiing, sledging, or caused by other snow sports in the ski area
  • Rescue and medical transfer - from the moment the rescue team arrives to the most suitable medical centre
  • Refund of medical, pharmaceutical and hospitalisation costs - in addition to the mandatory health services
  • Repatriation assistance, refund of lift passes and ski lessons, legal assistance... and other additional guarantees

With Carré Neige, you benefit from the skills of the best professionals in the sector and from complete services, from rescue on the slopes to the reimbursement of lift passes and ambulance transport.

You protect yourself and your family and limit the expenses that can reach high amounts of money in the mountains.

If you want to ski with peace of mind and hurtle down the slopes, alone, with family or friends, take out the Carré Neige insurance.